Prior to introducing you to my book, I feel that I should give you the reader a little background. A “Go-Fast” teaching aid, in either book or lecture format to get your new glass engineer, who was likely your trim engineer last week, up to speed in less than six months. He or she will be able to design, engineer, problem solve at a CAD or plant level. They will understand the effects of improper material selection for a given plant (i.e. primers for a less than robust paint system to bond to) and the needless repeating effect of improper material storage. The new glass engineer will more fully understand the effects of climate, such as high humidity on a laminated glass system that is static for an extended period of time. They will also become aware of thermal shock on a heated outside mirror in a cold weather climate. I will be introducing the reader to suppliers and their products and capabilities throughout the world. In addition they will be fully versed in performing a DFMEA, PFMEA or globally source. The element of the book I find the most useful are the design tables. A step by step flow chart showing the optimal design (green), the acceptable design (yellow), and the unacceptable design (red). The engineer will quickly see the failure modes and costs associated with each design selection. The book will address federal and state requirements and testing. I have taught this class to many clients, namely General Motors, Adam Opel, Navistar, EDAG and institutions of higher learning. This one day seminar will be offered by the Society of Automotive Engineers late 2014. Regards, Lyn


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