A virtual windshield developed by Jaguar Land Rover

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Not satisfied with displaying information relative to speed or the navigation system only, British manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has decided to push the idea of information being displayed on a windshield to a level that would give a video game a run for its money.

Head-up display thus takes on a whole new meaning with the virtual windshield developed by Jaguar Land Rover which transforms a vehicle into a learning tool for driving on a track.  Just like a racing video game, the windshield displays the ideal trajectory for negotiating a winding road or track, in addition to displaying the lap times. Information relative to other drivers driving on the circuit are also displayed.


The windshield can also display virtual cones to form a slalom. A “ghost car”, a virtual car that appears on the screen and helps compare driver performance by representing the position of the vehicle at the last passage could also be presented on the virtual windshield.

Although the main focus of this new technology is to help drivers hone their driving skills on the track, the virtual windshield could also theoretically help young drivers. For example, the windshield is able to indicate the braking force required and when the brakes should be applied before reaching a given turn.

Like the transparent hood developed by Land Rover, the virtual windshield is an embryonic technology. One should therefore not expect to see it on production models in the near future, but it remains unique and its applications are numerous.

Thanks to Charles JolicoeurJournalist



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