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I created Automotive Glass Engineers on LinkedIn to provide a community forum as well as a talent base for potential clients, suppliers and talent acquisition firms. As you know glass is very specific [commodity] and glass for transportation, which by the way is in the top two vehicle warranty failure modes is highly specialized with a very narrow bandwidth of talent.

You will find some of the most capable technical specialists in the transportation field. Automotive Glass Engineers specializes in product, process and bonding adhesives.

We have a best selling, award winning author that can provide you with a step by step “Design Solutions” book covering subjects like DFMEAs, PFMEAs and design tables showing the costs and ramifications of your decision making process.

I have created an open access approach. Feel free to post anything relevant as a member, remember your post reflects on you. Quality content is the goal.

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Plus, here is what we talk about and the resources you’ll find:

Topic of the Week:
Each week a group member will post a new topic for discussion. I invite you to share your thoughts & expertise. My goal is to make you think and learn.

Engineering Issues:
Whether you’re an OEM, supplier or talent acquisition specialist. If you have questions, answers or concerns, voice them!

Open forum:
Let it rip! Be professional

Sound interesting? I hope so. I invite you to get engaged in discussions, ask questions, share your thoughts.

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Windshield can show acceptable optics

Windshield can show acceptable optics at 40° installation angle, whereas at 20° degrees can be completely distorted. This occurs since the light ray is required to travel longer distance in the glass as the installation angle decreases. To put it simple, the thickness of the glass that is being viewed through increases as the installation angle decreases.

The steeper the “rake’ more glass you have to look through. FMVSS 205 says 70% LT (light Transmission), ever notice that aAS1 with and arrow right below your shade band? That means 70% of the ambient light must pass through. The steeper the angles, the more glass it has to pass through. There was a time when the Federal government was going to mandate that measurement be taken from the driver’s line of sight, right now it is taken normal (perpendicular) to a point on the WS. If the government was successful in that direction, every car in the US, Canada and Europe would have to be quarantined.

Installation Angle

Please refer to the Momentum magazine: Book review for Glass Engineering: Design Solutions for Automotive Applications

SAE book review My book was reviewed, and is appearing internationally. Click the link, click on page 30, click the upper right corner of page 30, it turns the page. http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/sae/14UPD05/?partner=3531434143334130373542354435363238443635363232334343413035354131&startid=1&lre=1%3A3634314534423032394236453635304636434244433546394433463046303334

Developing a seminar, webinar and lecture series based on my book

Front Cover newhttp://books.sae.org/r-433/

SAE 2014 Thermal Management Systems Symposium

SAE Thermal



With the advent of new vehicle powertrains such as hybrid, electric and fuel cell, how to handle vehicle heating and cooling has become a paramount issue in the mobility industry. All thermal management systems, including mobile air conditioning systems, require new concepts to provide passenger compartment heating and cooling as well as heating and cooling of batteries and cooling of vehicle fuel systems.

SAE 2014 Thermal Management System Symposium will be expanding its programming content to focus on environmental regulatory requirements and the technologies to meet them. Leading experts from the United States, Europe, and Asia will speak about cutting-edge thermal management technology and regulation compliance strategies.


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